The Streets of Macao

Street photography Macao

A street scene in central Macao

With an expiring Chinese visa the time had come to nip across the border to Macao for the tradition of the visa run. Macao is a land I had never before visited, but as a chap who finds a delight anywhere with old colonial architecture and traditions of a far of land still lingering in a delightful manner I was happy to head there with my OMD-EM1 and my new favourite lens, the lovely little Oly 25mm f1.8. More of that camera and lens combo soon, but for just a few snaps from a wander through streets of Macao.

colorful spiral incense in Chinese temple

These spiralled incense sticks burn in the old Chinese temples

Street photography Macao

Old meets new in the shape of modern boutique shopping on a traditional Portuguese plaza

Street photography Macao

A view of one of Macao;s many winding streets

blue sky clouds a statue on The Virgin and a church and steeple, Macao

Catholic churches abound across Macao, this one afforded quite wonderful views

Old cannon pointing at Macao's Lisboa casino

There seemed a certain irony that Portugal’s old cannons seemed to be aimed at the, erm, dramatic Lisboa casino

A view of Macao's tallest tower

modern view on Macao

Street photography, a deserted old street in Macao

Macao is awash with beautiful old streets and crumbling architectur

Street photography Macao

Am I the only one to find the vanity of the selfie quite vulgar?

Street photography Macao

Old streets, Macao

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